Toxoplasma, Its Symptoms and How to Cure It

Are you fond of the cat? Do you have a cat at home? If your answer is yes and you are a woman, you must be very careful. Actually, the careful warning is about the cleanliness of the litter of the cat, no exception for every cat that always comes to your home. Here is some information about toxoplasma or toxoplasmosis.

Toxoplasma and its symptoms

Toxoplasma or toxoplasmosis is an illness that is caused by parasites that live in the cat’s body. The parasites grow well in the cat’s body. Actually, it is not only in the cat’s body but also in the human, raw meats or undercooked meat, contaminated water with the cat’s litter or even unwashed fruits and vegetables. This illness can cause death, especially fetus death.

About the symptoms, a healthy human won’t show any symptoms of toxo even if they already have it. You can know if the human has infected this parasite are based on the followings symptoms.

1. Fever

The human will suffer fever in moderate for a few days. This is not such a bad fever. It’s just plain fever when we get flu.

2. Fatigue

You will feel sudden fatigue. Even if you are not having many works to do, you feel fatigued. This fatigue affects your mobile and productivity.

3. Body aches

Your body feels very weak and pale. You feel hurt all of your body. This condition happens in around your joint.

4. Headache

Common flu symptoms are a headache. It is not severe headaches. It’s just dizzy and annoying feeling.

5. Swollen lymph nodes

The uncommon symptom for plain flu is swollen lymph nodes. It’s happened as the result of the parasites’ infection to the human’s body. See the doctor as soon as possible.

The natural remedies to cure toxoplasma

This illness comes from the parasites namely toxoplasma gondii. This can be fatal for the pregnant woman because the parasites can make some changes in the fetus when it is born such as rash, seizures, severe eye infections, enlarged spleen, etc. To avoid some defects, here are some natural remedies to cure it:

1. Radicchio

Bitter and purple leafy vegetables have many benefits for ant parasitic abilities. Just add this vegetable to help cure the toxoplasma illness. This benefit of Radicchio has been shown in the pilot study in 2016.

2. Homeopathy

This is a kind of alternative medication for many illnesses. This is made from the cysts of toxoplasmosis gondii. This way of cure is a promising way for human because it is believed that each human has its own treatment.

3. Bunium persicum essential oil

Based on an animal study in 2015, bunium persicum essential oil can fight against the toxo parasites. These plants are the relatives of the cumin plant. Bunium is a new natural agent that can combat toxoplasma.

4. Thyme essential oil

Overthought it is just an animal study; thyme is proven in helping the treatment of toxo illness. This essential oil can make relaxed the parasites then they can be deleted. It works for toxoplasma from any kinds of illness sources.

5. General diet changes

Try to and apply the parasite cleanse and diet. This diet has several prohibitions to eat, they are sugar, processed foods, wheat, pork, and alcohol. The suggested food to eat is anti-parasitic effects such as raw pumpkin seeds, almond, onions, cayenne pepper, horseradish, daikon radish, cabbage, papaya, pomegranate, carrots, lemon, kombucha tea, pineapple, kelp, ginger, and garlic.

6. Wormwood

This is the source of the herbal drug namely artemisinin, the most powerful antimalarial. Although it does work for malaria parasites, it can be also used for toxoplasma illness. Don’t worry it doesn’t have any dangerous side effects.

7. Berberine

This is a plant of alkaloid. It can inhibit the parasite of toxoplasmosis. The study in 2012 has released that this plant is safer, better tolerated treating the parasitic infection.

If you are a pregnant woman and own a cat, don’t give up to your beloved cat. You can ask someone else to clean the litter box of the cat; if you clean it by yourself, don’t forget to use gloves and masker; cover any outdoor sandboxes thus your cat don’t use it; avoid stray cats, especially kittens; don’t get a new cat while you are pregnant; and always wash your hand with soap and warm water after touching the cat.

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